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Here is where you'll find all of our great tasting homemade dishes, mouth-watering Pholouries and more!

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The culture of Trinidad & Tobago is something unrivaled. The livelihood of our people is best represented through our food which hosts a wide variety of tastes and flavors from sweet to spicy, tangy to zesty, and smoky to savory. There's something for everyone here to enjoy and most importantly, made with love.

We Cater to You


One of the best way to please a crowd for any upcoming event you have is to consider us for catering! We offer a wide variety of appetizers, main entrees, and even desserts for 50 or 500 people! Send us a message in the Contact form below!

We Cater to YOU

Are you interested in ordering food for your next event? Drop us a line below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Aunty Wendy's Food Catering

498 East New York Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, New York 11225, United States


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